There are a lot of benefits to being the leader of the free world: armored cars, Air Force One, and Camp David for example. Unfortunately for President Obama though, no amount of power can abate the mocking wrath of the Internet. On Wednesday,  footage of the presidential workout made its way to the web, turning the Commander-in-Chief’s dumbbell sets into Vine treasure. 

Billionaire oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens, ceased the opportunity by challenging the president to a one-hour workout. And, to prove he means business, Pickens took to his Instagram account and posted a video of himself running up a hill.

Of course, there was a windfall of memes, and—eventually—the birth of #LiftLikeObama. Yes, Internet, you're hilarious. But don't make fun of Vlidamir Putin's workout, unless you want to choked out with the quickness.

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