A couple weeks ago, we told you all about a crazy new sport called Full Contact Skydiving. It combines elements of MMA with elements of skydiving to create a brand-new sport that looks too insane to actually be true. And guess what? It is! Full Contact Skydiving isn’t really a sport, it’s just an example of the ridiculously extreme. AMP Energy wants us to know that it’s the brand for those who want energy without all the hype, in its “No Bull. Just Energy.” campaign.

We’re really sorry if you went out and bought a bunch of MMA and skydiving gear in anticipation of becoming the next great Full Contact Skydiving participant. But look at it this way: Now you won’t have to spend the next six months figuring out how to get out of a Reverse Armbar while you plummet down to earth!

Watch the video above to see Full Contact Skydiving get exposed for what it really is.

[via Full Contact Skydiving]