Lord Dirk Werner Nowitzki is 36 years old today, which means a number of things. First, yes, wipe away the single tear you just shed as you realized one of the NBA?s most lethal scorers is another year closer to The End. But before you get too down, just look at Tim Duncan?s career stats post-35, and find solace in the fact that Dirk?s offensive game is built to age fairly well. Since entering the league at the ripe age of 20, Nowitzki has put the ball in the basket more effectively than the?unimpressed 1998 NBA Draft attendees?ever would?ve suspected. He?s put up 21 points in 13 of his 16 pro campaigns, and was transcendent as one of the league first Euro-style big men?a 7-footer with consistent shooting range. The most recognizable element of that shooting range now may as well be named after him. The one-footed fadeaway from 17 feet is the shot that?s made Nowitzki a?very rich?man, and one that few players can ever replicate. There was a time where certain members of NBA elite were quick to label him ?soft.? There was a time where he would supposedly never win when it mattered. But with 12 All-Star appearances, an MVP award and a ring on his finger, this 36 year-old has earned his space in NBA lore forever. Ahead, in celebration of the Big German?s 36th, we recap the most memorable video footage of Dirk?s signature shot.   Follow me on Twitter?@JSDorn6