Back in the summer of 2010, when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were free agents and trying to decide where to sign, the Chicago Bulls were considered a realistic landing spot for both players. But the team's superstar Derrick Rose refused to "recruit" either of them for Chicago and was actually criticized by some people for not doing more to try and help improve the Bulls' roster. But it doesn't appear as though that criticism affected him too much because, over the weekend, he was asked whether or not he's planning on trying to help the Bulls recruit Carmelo Anthony this summer. And he said that he won't because, in his words, recruiting is "not his job."

"My thing is if they want to come," he told Yahoo! Sports, "they can come."

It's kind of cool that Rose isn't willing to bow down to guys like LeBron and Carmelo to try and get them to come to Chicago. But at the same time, Rose's health is one of the things that those guys would obviously want to hear more about before deciding to sign with the Bulls. So while we don't think that Rose should spend the next week or so calling and texting either player constantly, he should be open to the idea of speaking with them if the Bulls ask him to—especially since it sounds like they could have a real chance of signing one of them this summer.

Stay tuned to see how involved Rose is—or isn't—during the Bulls' free agency pitches later this week.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]