Say hello to Rosie. She's a 5-month-old German shepherd and she is adorable. But apparently, she also has a knack for wreaking havoc and her owner is going to have to keep a very close eye on her moving forward.

On Sunday afternoon, Rosie and her owner were posted up in her owner's car near a pond in Canton, Mass. after a walk. And somehow, Rosie managed to get her leash tangled up in the car's gear shifter. One thing led to another and Rosie fell off the driver's seat and landed on the car's accelerator. And that sent her owner's car lunging forward and directly into the pond.

Fortunately, Rosie was fine after the accident and was rescued by police a short time later. Unfortunately, her owner's car was not fine. It eventually drifted about 30 feet offshore…and then abruptly sank.

Check out the thumbs gallery above to see the car in the water. Bad dog!

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[via Boston Globe]