Well, that certainly escalated quickly, didn't it?

When we first heard that Jason Kidd was reportedly interested in joining the Milwaukee Bucks this offseason, we thought, "No way." You don't go from being the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets to being the head coach of the Bucks. But it sounds like that's exactly what Kidd is prepared to do. Because according to several sources who have spoken with ESPN, Kidd's coaching rights have officially been traded to the Bucks in exchange for two second-round draft picks:

And according to Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bucks have agreed to make this deal despite the fact that they already have a head coach:

So there you have it. Jason Kidd's tenure in Brooklyn is over and he's now riding with the Bucks. Bet you didn't see that coming a few days ago, did you?

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[via ESPN]