Coaching Seasons: 1980-83, 1998-2005, 2010-12
Teams: Clippers, Hornets, Cavaliers, Bobcats
Record: 387-488 (.442)

Paul Silas kicked around the league as a rebounding big man who could almost guarantee you a full season of durability every year. From 1967 through 1980, he missed a total of 14 games, while averaging 9.4 points and 9.9 boards for his career. Silas hung up the jersey for the final time in 1980, and immediately hopped into the coaching ranks, where it's safe to say he didn't fare as well as he did on the floor.

His teams finished a combined 45 games below .500 in his first head coaching job with the San Diego Clippers. It was 16 years before the Charlotte Hornets gave him his next shot at leading a group, and with a talented roster, his teams did well. Charlotte/New Orleans made the playoffs in four straight seasons, before he left the Hornets to coach LeBron James as he entered the league at 18 with the Cavaliers.

That lasted only a season and a half, going 69-77 with a young King James leading the way. The next (and last) we saw of Silas, he was coaching the Bobcats, leading them to a whopping seven wins during the 66-game 2011-12 season, and letting his son occasionally coach the team just for shits.