Coaching Seasons: 1998-99, 2009-11
Teams: Lakers, Timberwolves
Record: 56-145 (.279)

If we were rattling off best and worst basketball swag of the 1980s, Kurt Rambis would have a very similar placement on that list. As far as playing careers go, Rambis was serviceable. He gave plenty of championship Lakers teams reliable minutes as a role player, which is far from an accurate depiction of his eventual coaching career. For a bit of foreshadowing, this incident with Kevin McHale should do the trick.

Rambis manned the Lakers' head coaching position on an interim basis in 1999, where he actually fared decently, going 24-13, proving that coaching Kobe and Shaq evidently wasn't all that challenging. But Rambo really should've quit while he was ahead.

Hired as the Timberwolves head coach in 2009, he led Minnesota to a brutal 32-132 record, and put his basketball brilliance on display when he advised Kevin Love to stop shooting threes altogether.

Kurt Rambis: Bad at looking cool on the basketball court, bad at not getting clotheslined by Kevin McHale, bad at being an NBA head coach.