In a move that will probably seem weird for a long time, the Knicks named Derek Fisher the 26th head coach in franchise history on Tuesday. Fisher, who never technically announced his retirement, is just weeks removed from competing on a playoff stage for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Of course, Fisher's prior relationship with team president Phil Jackson lies as the foundation for this hiring. Jackson wanted a coach who would let the Zen Master's voice ring straight down to the hardwood, and Fisher's move to the sidelines seemed like one that was in the cards. The fit seems to be a good one, though the Knicks' job is far from easy.

Fisher's jump from an NBA roster straight to the coaching ranks got us thinking about those who have made similar leaps of faith. Though usually with more of a gap in between than Fisher's, the player-turned-coach transition is one that has been made fairly often. Ahead, we break down those who have made the switch look the easiest, and those who should've just called it a career.