There’s a tidal wave of swag forming off of the coast of Lake Erie, and the good people of Cleveland are about to get flooded with a storm surge that’s equal parts expensive champagne and lavender bubble bath.

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Draft Lottery. So, for the third time in four years, the franchise will have the No. 1 overall pick. And this year, Cleveland has the possibility of adding one of OVO’s most trusted henchmen—Andrew Wiggins—to a city sports landscape that already includes Johnny Manziel. Adding to the excitement is the fact that Drake predicted this scenario in the song "Draft Day"—though Drizzy probably hoped his favorite amateur athletes would be swallowed up by New York, Dallas, Miami... basically anywhere besides Cleveland. But, YOLO, as they say.

In the wake of Art Modell's move, Ernest Byner's fumble and LeBron James' decision, is "Draft Day" a melodic promise of happier days in Cleveland? If Andrew Wiggins leads the Cavs to the Finals and Johnny Football uses a sharp edge of the Lombardi Trophy to shotgun a Four Loko tallboy, C-Town can ditch “Cleveland Rocks” joint for a new city anthem. Finally.