In the buildup to UFC 173, there wasn’t a whole lot of talk about T.J. Dillashaw. In the bantamweight title fight, he was up against an absolute juggernaut in Renan Barao, a man who had won 32 fights in a row and was expected by all experts to make it 33.

Well, this morning that story has changed.

Dillishaw TKO’d Barao in the fifth round last night, winning the UFC Bantamweight Championship and in the process registering one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. This wasn’t so much of a fight as it was a beatdown, as Dillishaw simply overwhelmed Barao from the opening bell, refusing to bow down to his much-heralded opponent.

After the fight, Dillishaw was humble in victory; he said that “I've dreamed this for so long. All you have to do is believe, man, Barao's the best in the world in my eyes, he's the best in the world, that's what brought it out in me.”