Today's NBA athletes are the pinnacle of human body movements. They run faster, jumper higher, and power through more than most with the advantage of being like 10 feet taller than the average man. In an NBA age of LeBron and Blake Griffin though, our athletes are making things like dunking a basketball look easy. Easy enough to make any five-foot-nothing kid jump out onto his driveway and do squats until he can dunk. They make it seem like anyone can dunk. 

We all know, however, that's just not the case. If you can touch rim, that's even dope. But we still see NBA players dunk on a nightly basis, desensitizing the population to the average dunk. That's why it's necessary to appreciate the man who's only of average to slightly above average height—to celebrate the dunks of guys like Nate Robinson in The Best Little Man (6'1" and under) Dunkers of All Time in GIFs.