Sport: CART Racing
Criminal History: Check fraud, theft, child endangerment, failure to pay child support, felony eluding
Time Behind Bars: Five years

The real-life Ricky Bobby raced in seven Indy 500's before a horrific crash involving a dozen cars and some 13 injured fans ended his career. After developing a debilitating addiction to pain killers, Salt Walther was convicted of child endangerment, failure to pay child support, and was once arrested for stealing a golf cart from the Indianapolis Speedway.

His most infamous incident was one that he got away with—well, almost got away with. At large and with an active arrest warrant, Walther was spotted by a police officer at a gas station in Ohio. Walther bailed from the scene and led police on a high speed chase. Driving recklessly and weaving in and out of traffic, Walther evaded police but was arrested two weeks later and sentenced to three years for felony eluding.