Sport: Football
Criminal History: Attempted murder, releasing arrest, drug possession
Time Behind Bars: Five years

In January '03 Barret Robbins wrecked, what on the surface, was a pretty amazing life. As a highly paid NFL star, the Raiders center was days away from starting in the Super Bowl. Then, shit happened.

In a manic state Robbins disappeared from the team, surfacing days later with drugs in his system. The Raiders center (who was responsible for pass-protection calls) blamed himself for Oakland's 48-21 Super Bowl XXXVII loss. After undergoing treatment, Robbins regained his position with the team only to be released after testing positive for steroids.

His life continued to spin out of control when a brawl with police officers in Miami left the bipolar former football star with three gunshot wounds and five years probation. Robbins was sentenced to a five-year prison sentence last year for drug possession and probation violation.