Do you hold your breath when you drive through tunnels? If so, you should probably stop. And a 19-year-old from Manning, Ore. just demonstrated why.

On Sunday night, Daniel J. Calhoon was driving his Toyota Camry through the Dennis L. Edwards Tunnel near Manning when he decided that he was going to try and hold his breath for the entire length of the tunnel. The only problem? He was unable to complete the task and passed out before he was out of the tunnel. And as a result, he accidentally drove his car across the center line in the tunnel and crashed into a Ford Explorer. He also crashed into a pickup truck that was behind the Explorer before hitting an interior wall inside of the tunnel and coming to a complete stop. Fortunately, no one was killed in the crash, but four people were hurt during it, including one person who was seriously injured.

Calhoon later admitted to trying to hold his breath prior to the accident, and the Oregon State Police responded to the crash by posting this on their Twitter feed:

Wait a second, didn't we already warn you about this? Sigh. Yes, we did. Don't do this, guys.

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[via NPR]