Yesterday morning, Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was driving to the ballpark before a game and doing a live radio interview over the phone. Because Williams does radio interviews all the time—and because he's constantly on the move due to his job—we assume that it was not the first time he's done a radio interview while driving. But yesterday's interview was anything but routine.

In the middle of the interview, Williams was speaking about his team when, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy came up behind his Chevrolet Tahoe and rear-ended him. Williams stopped talking for a second, kept his composure, and told the radio hosts that he had just been involved in a fender-bender.

"Sorry, guys, I just had an accident," he said. "I got a police officer behind me and this guy's going to try to escape."

At that point, all talk about baseball went out the window and Williams instead focused on describing the scene. Apparently, the guy who hit him attempted to run from police. And while Williams was OK, his ride wasn't. His rear-end was "gone" after the accident.

"That's the strangest thing I've ever been a part of," Williams said towards the end of the interview.

It sure sounds like it. Go to the 8:30 mark of the clip below to hear Williams get into the accident and then talk about it:

Pretty crazy, right?

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[via For The Win]