A little piece of advice: If you've been charged with stealing a car and you're required to make an appearance in court to answer to the charge that has been filed against you, DON'T SHOW UP TO COURT IN A STOLEN CAR!

That really should go without saying. But early last month, a Daly City, Calif. man named Timothy Knight was scheduled to make a court appearance after allegedly stealing a car earlier this year. But he apparently couldn't find a ride there. So rather than catch the bus, call a cab, or walk, Knight reportedly decided that it would be a good idea to steal a car so that he could make it to court on time. He allegedly stole a Honda Accord, drove it to court, parked it outside, and then tried to get back into the stolen car once his court appearance was over. Police had been watching his every move, though, and they pulled him over immediately and placed him under arrest.

Now, in addition to the first vehicle burglary charge that Knight was facing, he's also been hit with a second vehicle burglary charge. And he's currently begin held behind bars on $65,000 bail for the first charge and $100,000 bail for the second charge. How did he not know that (allegedly) stealing the second car wasn't a good idea?!

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[via CBS San Francisco]