Daimler tired to bring back the Maybach name as a Rolls-Royce competitor, but the cars didn't find much love in the market, and the new brand bombed harder than a B-52. Hip-hop embraced the brand, but few others did, despite the fact that the cars themselves were incredibly capable. We think it was strictly a matter of style, presentation, and marketing. Mercedes is considering re-resurrecting the brand for another go on the ultra-luxury market, and the company will need to garner a lot more attention this time around if it's going to work.

Amusingly, web searches are already up a ton because of the mention in the chorus of Lorde's "Royals." As a result, the cost of advertising to potential Maybach buyers has jumped by 223% compared to other luxury automakers, despite the fact that the people performing these searches are millennials who are struggling to get enough money to buy a used Ford Fiesta. Ironically, advertizers are still very interested due to the fact that millennials are the most difficult demographic to reach effectively with advertising. 

Now if Patek Philippe or Ermenegildo Zegna wants to advertise to people interested in Maybachs, they're going to be reaching a lot of penniless college students.

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