Hey, guys, Lil Wayne does not—we repeat, does not—appreciate it when people throw things at him. He has proven this over and over and over again during his live shows. And on Saturday night, he proved it yet again when someone reportedly threw a water bottle at him following the Floyd Mayweather/Marcos Maidana fight.

According to TMZ Sports, Wayne—who escorted Mayweather to the ring and performed his new single, "Believe Me," before the fight—was leaving the MGM Grand in Las Vegas late Saturday night when he felt a water bottle hit him on the shoulder. And when he turned around to see who had thrown it, he believed that it came from a member of Maidana's entourage. That obviously didn't sit well with Weezy. And he responded by yelling "Let's go!" at Maidana's camp and trying to attack Maidana's trainer Robert Garcia.

Fortunately, cooler heads eventually prevailed and no punches were thrown. But you can see just how upset Wayne got in the clip above. It'll make you think twice before you throw, well, anything in his general direction.

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[via TMZ Sports]