Lexus doesn't fuck with plug-in hybrids automotively. Vice President of Lexus Europe Alain Uyttenhoven was critical of hybrids and thinks hydrogen vehicles, which his parent company Toyota is set to produce in 2015, are a much better option. 

"Plug-in hybrids make most sense if you live in a city," Uyttenhoven said, "but people who live in cities usually have to park on the street, so where are they supposed to charge a car? We believe the fuel cell is a much better technology because it allows you to refuel your car with hydrogen in the same way you refuel it with petrol today."

We can't argue with that. Electric vehicles are a step above hybrids, and we think hydrogen cars can be even better than both. Now we just wait for Lexus to make a luxury hydrogen car. 

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[via The Telegraph