Despite a disappointing first round playoff exit, the Houston Rockets have decided to keep coach Kevin McHale for at least one more season.

While the Rockets were technically upset by the No. 5 seed Portland Trail Blazers, the series was incredibly tight and featured three overtime games and an average margin of victory of just 4.7 points. The Rockets endured injuries to key players throughout the season (most notably Dwight Howard), and also had to nurse along the development of young players like Patrick Beverly and Chandler Parsons.

When you factor those things together, it gives just enough credence to the idea that a different break here or there could have put this team in the Western Conference Finals with little trouble. 

If they can keep everyone healthy next year (and maybe find a trade partner for the onerous Omer Asik/Jeremy Lin contracts), the Rockets will be right back in the top half of the Western Conference. It would seem, though, that this could be McHale’s last chance for a while, and given that his contract does not go beyond next season he could find himself on the hot seat if the team gets off to a slow start.

[via ESPN]