Kevin Durant or LeBron James? Over the course of the last few months, KD and King James have been the two guys who have been fighting for the NBA's Most Valuable Player trophy. But as it turns out, it really wasn't much of a fight at all.

A short time ago, the NBA revealed that Durant has been named this year's league MVP. And he actually won the award in a landslide. Of the 125 first-place MVP votes that were cast, 119 of them were given to KD. Meanwhile, only six went to James. And while several other players, including Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah, and James Harden, received votes as well, none of them received first-place votes for the award.

We can't say that we're surprised. Durant was sensational this season and even James admitted that he deserved the MVP award this season. We just didn't really expect him to win it so easily. Congrats, KD.

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[via NBA ESPN]