John Wall is a creature of habit. Once Wall gets hooked on something, it becomes part of his weekly, or sometimes even daily, routine. Earlier this year, DC Sports Bog revealed that the Wizards point guard drinks two McDonald's hot chocolates with extra sugar every day. Yes, every day. And that's not all. Apparently, if you head on over to Thai Chili next time you find yourself inside the Verizon Center, you can order the John Wall fried rice.   

Of course, you would want to know what goes into the John Wall fried rice, right? Well, it's the type of dish that you gotta wait like four years before it starts getting good. Okay, okay. We kid. Here's the real answer: 

“Shrimp fried rice with no tails and no vegetables,” someone at Thai Chili told me over the phone. “We know what he want, what he [doesn't] want.”

Now, how did Wall end up getting an off-menu dish named after him? It may have something to do with the fact that the 23-year-old supposedly orders the same thing once or twice a week during the regular season. 

Sidebar: No vegetables, though?   

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[via DC Sports Bog]