Seeing as how Donald Sterling literally just made headlines for making a bunch of racist remarks recently, it's probably too soon to start making Donald Sterling jokes. At least, that's what we thought. But last night, during a Twitter exchange with his Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin pulled out a Donald Sterling joke—a bad Donald Sterling joke—after Parsons responded to a tweet that Lin sent out with a racist response. It definitely didn't seem like Parsons' response was meant to be malicious. But that didn't stop Lin from comparing his teammate to Sterling:

As you'd imagine, those tweets didn't stay up for very long. Lin deleted his Donald Sterling "joke" a short time after it went up. And Parsons followed suit a short time later by deleting his tweet as well. And by doing so, both proved that the world is not ready for Donald Sterling jokes…yet. Maybe next season, guys.

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[via For The Win]