A year ago the 1964 Chevy Malibu from Pulp Fiction was recovered after it was stolen in 1994. Now the man who had it has come forward to tell the story of how he unknowingly spent $40,000 to restore the car taken from Quentin Tarantino

Bill Hemenez had no idea the car was hot and was shocked when the cops called him last year. He bought the Malibu, which was in rough condition, 12 years ago and put serious time and money into restoring it.

The Malibu was returned to Tarantino, but the director hasn't made any attempt to contact Hemenez, who's bummed he's out 40 stacks. "I just wish Tarantino or his people would step up to the plate and say, 'Hey, thanks for looking after my car,'" Hemenez said. "He can keep the car, it wasn't mine after all, but take care of the little guy who took such good care of your property. I was ultimately left screwed by it all."

We'd have to agree. It's not like Tarantino can't afford it. And if he had the vehicle returned in the condition Hemenez found it in, he would have been the one forking out the dough anyway. 

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[via Yahoo!