Aaron Hernandez is back in the news yet again. Late yesterday, the former Patriots tight end was indicted on assault and battery charges stemming from a jailhouse fight that he was allegedly involved in back in February. And that's not the only thing that he has going against him right now, either.

Shortly after the indictment against Hernandez was handed down yesterday, TMZ Sports caught up with Andrew Booker, the guy who was allegedly attacked by Hernandez at the Bristol County Jail. And Booker talked very briefly about what it was like to get punched by Hernandez while he was handcuffed.

"Hernandez hits like a bitch," said Booker, who is no longer behind bars.

Alrighty then! Booker's attorney also told TMZ Sports that his client has not pressed any charges against Hernandez and that he has nothing to do with the indictment. But Hernandez is still obviously going to have to face the assault and battery charges in addition to everything else that he's dealing with at the moment. It's exactly what he doesn't need right now.

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[via TMZ Sports]