When Donald Sterling sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper for an interview recently, he provided the world with more questions than answers with regards to the racist remarks that he made to a girl named V. Stiviano. We're almost two days removed from watching the sit-down interview and we still can't make heads or tails of what he was saying during it. But a taped phone conversation that the Daily Mail just got their hands on does provide us with a much better look at the innermost thoughts of the Clippers owner.

Sometime within the last two weeks, Sterling had an hour-long telephone conversation with a rapper named Maserati. And while we have absolutely no idea what the connection is between Sterling and the rapper (this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder, doesn't it?!), Sterling apparently trusted Maserati enough to talk to him about, well, everything. So during their recent conversation, Sterling touched on a number of different topics, including the intimate details about his relationship with V. Stiviano. In the conversation, which Maserati recorded and later gave to the Daily Mail, Sterling talks about:

  • How V. Stiviano approached him at a Super Bowl party in 2010 and asked to be his "friend" and then randomly showed up at his office two months later.
  • How V. Stiviano allegedly bleached her skin at one point to try and "make her skin white."
  • How V. Stiviano is the "most discriminatory person I have ever met."
  • How he was eventually able to have sex with V. Stiviano for a "high price."
  • How he made the racist comments that he made because he was "trying to have sex with" V. Stiviano.
  • How V. Stiviano spent a lot of his money and asked for more prior to the tape of him making racist remarks leaking out.
  • How V. Stiviano has struggled with legal issues in the past.
  • How he is not going to agree to sell the Clippers without putting up a fight.
  • How he believes that V. Stiviano may have scandalous photos of him that she may look to release one day.

The conversation is strange, to say the least. And it's kind of crazy to hear Sterling being so open and honest with Maserati, a guy who then turned around and leaked the conversation between the two.

You can listen to the recordings that the Daily Mail released below and read even more details about the conversation between Sterling and Maserati over here. Can this story get any more bizarre than it already is?

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