Maligned Clippers owner Donald Sterling won't go down without a struggle. Like a wart on the nutsack of the NBA. He proved as much by responding to the league with a 32-page reaction to the charges leveled at him over the past month.

One of Sterling's contentions appears to be that his remarks were leveled in private and thus should not be able to be used against him, which would be true in a court of law but isn't in regards to private organizations (see: The NBA). Sterling claims that the NBA forcing him to sell his club is "illegal." While also saying that he's not racist since he fired Vinny Del Negro to hire Doc Rivers. Sterling also exaggerates the value of his club, saying that he's received offers of $2.5 billion which would make them the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Another one of Sterling's arguments is that both the fine and punishment levied against him are unprecedented. To illustrate his point he mentions both Kobe Bryant calling a ref a "fucking f**got" (for which he was fined $100,000) and over the top trash talk directed at Jason Collins (which resulted in nothing as far as we know).

On June 3rd owners will vote on whether or not they'd like to keep Sterling as a member of their elite fraternity. The ballot is expected to be unanimous in favor of ousting him. And even though we just gave you the CliffsNotes version of it, the entire 32-page document can be viewed here.