Last night, Rihanna took to her Twitter account to post a series of selfies that featured her wearing a Cowboys jersey. There was this one:

And this one:

And finally, this one:

And those selfies didn't sit well with Dez Bryant. Reason being, Rih Rih wasn't wearing his number. Instead of rocking a No. 88 jersey, the pink-haired pop singer opted for a No. 28 jersey (which was previously worn by Bryant's former teammate Felix Jones). So Bryant took to Twitter to let Rihanna know that she was wearing the "wrong jersey":

Better get a new jersey in the mail for her ASAP, Dez!


As one Complex Sports commentor noted, it does appear as though Rih Rih is wearing a pink JoyRich jersey and not an official Cowboys jersey. Think that makes Dez Bryant any happier about it?

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[via Black Sports Online]