I wanted to keep this closely associated to my childhood and teens. Much respect to the wrestling of the past, but I don't have any investment in watching Bruno Sammartino doing rest holds for 30 minutes. Like I said earlier...I wasn't a huge fan of WCW. Not because I didn't like the product; I just didn't know WCW existed until my adolescence.

So my association when reviewing the WWE Network was more WWF-based content from my past. The WWE Network's pay-per-view video on demand library really is detailed and has a ton of hidden gems. It really does have a Netflix-like feel. There's that awesome "what is playing currently" 24/7 stream of programming, followed by the upcoming show on the lower left hand corner, and this is great when you don't have a specific match. You can watch this network as if it were regular TV. The easy search option was utilized for the marathon.

I typed in what wrestler, or show, and match I wanted to see and the search options took me there, and offered much more content related to that search field. Some stuff did not exist but the Network is not even a month old, so it's expected that older programming has yet to be updated. For all the positive the WWE Network has, there were some negatives. There are no old episodes of Superstars, Prime Time Wrestling, or Tuesday Night Titans. I would love to see that stuff again. I like the creative spin for the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown pre-and-post shows creating further storylines. Speaking of Monday Night Raw, there are only two episodes from the Attitude Era that are searchable. The network does do a RAW Flashback, but they're aired sporadically.

The Attitude Era brought a whole new audience to wrestling and made it cool to watch wrestling, but Jesus Christ that era is a pain to watch outside of the Rock and Steve Austin angles. I had to fast forward through a ton of fluff content like Tom Brandi vs Marc Mero, content that clearly does not stand the test of time. I want WCW NItro as well. There were many great editions of that show, especially when they would spoil the RAW ending during the Monday Night Wars. I hope the WWE will upload those as well as do new Legends of Wrestling panel discussions. For only $9.99 a month via a six-month commitment, consumers will receive all 12 WWE Pay-Per-Views streaming live starting with WrestleMania 30 that aired this past weekend, plus an abundance of content available for viewing.

Among the 100,000-plus hours of wrestling programs available are episodes of NXT and Superstars, a pre-show and post-show of Raw and Smackdown, original shows (Legends' House, Countdown, WrestleMania Rewind), a daily live studio show, and past pay-per-views from WWE, WCW, and ECW. The WWE Network is worth every penny. Wrestling had become a huge coping mechanism after my relationship ended, and certain aspects of my life weren't going in the direction I had hoped.

Professional Wrestling was definitely a form of escapism. But that escape lead to a passion that has lead me here which is on the horizon of turning 31 years old, living in a bedroom in my parents house, eating my mother's cooking, having a part-time job with full-time responsibilities, and still reliving my youth via a subscription to a service I really can't afford.