Before I choose what I was going to watch next, I decided to eat. I couldn't decide on the leftover lentils with linguine or a grilled cheese. I choose the lentils with linguine and it was the right decision. For some reason I made a connection that WrestleMania X-7 and lentils with linguine was a nice pairing. WrestleMania X-7, is arguably known as the best WrestleMania ever. This event was the second time that the WrestleMania main event featured The Rock and Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. WrestleMania X-7 is often noted as the end of The Attitude Era.

For me it would be the last Mania/WWF-related program I wouldn't watch for three years. Seeing the show end with McMahon and Austin shaking hands and sharing beers, turned me off to watching wrestling. I know its all part of the plan but it was a let down. Although, an Austin heel turn would've been interesting, the fans weren't ready for it. Once Vince McMahon came to the ringside you knew there was some sort of shenanigans taking place. After a stunner and a kick out by Rocky, McMahon handed Austin a steel chair; you knew it was an Austin heel turn and meant the end of something special, wrestling at this time was larger than life.

It didn't get bigger than Rock vs. Austin. Him turning heel went so hard against the grain that it just didn't work and fans knew it wouldn't work and it was only a matter of the time that we got the old Stone Cold back. Its like the equivalent of a comic book story where one superhero is under a spell or being mind controlled to fight other heroes which is fun for about five minutes. The money is in the hero being a hero not being a villain for vague reasons that are never quite explained.

The only lasting thing about any of Austin's time as a heel was that it gave birth to his forever promo altering "What!?" pauses. Austin is an enigma, plus I had no interest in the whole invasion angle, with the purchase of WCW and ECW. I know I missed a ton of stuff at that moment because some of the storylines were done real well. But WrestleMania X- 7 was a great send off for me.