The combination of Sunday dinner, kale, spinach and beet juice ran through my bowels so after a lengthy multi-wipe bathroom break (I washed my hands) I decided empty bowels and WrestleMania VII would give me the ultimate sense of accomplishment on this lazy Sunday. The two main feuds entering WrestleMania VII were between Hulk Hogan and WWF Champion Sgt. Slaughter and The Ultimate Warrior and "Macho King" Randy Savage.

While Savage and Warrior stole the show, the blindfold match between Jake Roberts and Rick Martel comes in at a close second as one of the best matches on a forgettable card. Jake was blinded by Martel's "Arrogance perfume" atomizer. Prior to the Blindfold Match, Roberts cut a creepy whispering promo saying snakes have a sixth sense. Why after all these years does this match have replay value? Good suspense. The suspense was overwhelming; the match realistically had three or four wrestling moves but it also had great psychology, which Jake Roberts is a master of. Both Roberts and Martel really played to the crowd. Jake points towards Martel, the crowd cheers loudly if he was headed in the right direction and they booed if he wasn't near Martel. I can't think of any other match that had such impact in such a short time.

The crowd was into it because it was a hot feud. In fact, that blindfold match may be their greatest contribution to WWE. I do enjoy the feud between Rick Rude and Jake Roberts as well but this type of over is just amazing. I would like to add that WrestleMania VII was the last WWF appearance of Andre The Giant, and the last time that Bobby "The Brain" Heenan would manage on a WWF pay-per-view.