In the past, as a service to you, we've told you all about the best cars to have sex in. From Ferraris to Hummers to limos, we've given you all sorts of solid options. However, we think we may have just stumbled on a vehicle that puts all of those rides to shame when it comes to getting it on.

Say hello to "The Hook-Up Truck." The San Francisco-based vehicle was created recently by conceptual artist Spy Emerson. And as you might imagine, the truck was designed in order to give people a place to, well, hook up. From those young adults who have pesky roommates who don't how to knock to those single parents who wish that they could rent a room for an hour (or two), The Hook-Up Truck is the solution to getting down and dirty without having to hit up a hotel. And this summer, Emerson is going to take the truck to several festivals around the country to see if people are willing to pay $75 for 30 minutes of alone time in the back of the truck with their significant other (or the chick they met 10 minutes ago at a show).

Although we haven't been able to find any pictures of the back of the truck online, the Hook-Up Truck company says that the small room inside of the truck features hand-painted wallpaper, special lighting, and mirrors. There isn't any furniture in the room, but there is a bench, a bar, and plenty of free protection. And if you're interested in renting the truck out for more than 30 minutes, The Hook-Up Truck also offers a $2500 party rental package that comes with a five-hour rental, a staff, and a cleaning crew.

Weirded out yet? Uh, yeah. We're having a little bit of trouble wrapping our heads around this, too. But if you're at Electric Daisy Carnival or Coachella this summer and you see this truck, at least you'll know what it is. And if you want more info—you know, for "research" purposes—you can find it over here.

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