Work is behind you. The weekend is here. And [insert your team] is playing at home. You haven't made a pilgrimage yet this season, sometimes you put it off, but it's time to finally pay your due diligence. You wouldn't want your team to move cross-country after all. But soon after you find your seat, the problems mount. The man to your left is decked out in an enormous costume, the guy in front of you is 6'10" and still feels the need to constantly stand, your aisle is bookended by 450 lb. bathroom blockers and the dude behind you puts his feet on your head rest. Holy fuck! Why didn't you just stay at home in front of the high-def!?

Like everything from mass transportation to catching a movie your experience is heavily dependent upon the people around you. Are they calm, polite and to themselves? Or are they belligerent, drunk and spilling into your seat? The latter makes us envious of teams with empty stadiums. At least then you get to stretch out when you put a paper bag over your face. This list is made up of bad apples who spoil the bunch. Hopefully you're not one. If you are, there's still time. Here's The Worst Types of Fans to Sit Next to at Sports Events.

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