A video posted to YouTube this past weekend captures a man moments before he's struck by a New York City subway train. His friend tries to convince him to come off the tracks, but he wails and refuses.

Eventually, the friend hops down and tries to lift him with no success. A stranger also tries to help, but both have to give up as the train approaches. Miraculously, the man on the tracks survived after being struck. The MTA says the incident happened Dec. 28, 2013 and that the man refused medical aid. He was still brought to the hospital by force for being an "emotionally disturbed person." 

Although this video was uploaded Saturday, it's not the original. The person who first posted it took it down amongst criticism for him filming instead of helping the man on the tracks.

Warning: the video below is disturbing and contains strong language. 

UPDATE: Here is video of the man who survived the train rushing right over him. (via Gothamist)

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