Watch out, San Francisco, serial Smart Car flippers are on the loose. Last night four Smart Cars were spotted flipped over on their rear or front ends in the City by the Bay. A witness says he saw six to eight people who "looked like they were up to no good" surround a Smart Car and lift it up. Police are using that witness as a lead and say the suspects will face charges for felony vandalism if caught.

As equally entertaining as the story itself are the details NBC Bay Area decided to include in its report. Apparently: "Tipping over large, heavy objects just for kicks is nothing new. High schoolers, football teams and fraternities have supposedly been tipping cows in pastures for years, and picking up VW bugs and moving them elsewhere was a minor fad back in the 1960s and 1970s."

The reporters also felt it necessary to inform us that one of the flipped Smart cars had a faded "Obama-Biden" bumper sticker. Now we know who to blame. Thanks a lot, Obama. 

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[via NBC Bay Area