The New York Auto Show isn't the only place to break news. Today Toyota confirmed it'll have a fuel cell car on sale next year in the United States, Europe, and Japan. For now it's being called the 2015 FC Car, but we know it'll resemble the FCV concept shown last year at the Tokyo Auto Show. 

Hydrogen fuel cells are seen as an even better green alternative than electric cars. The technology combines hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells don't lose their charge and therefore won't require costly replacements down the line. They also have a longer range and can charge quicker than batteries. 

One of the biggest obstacles keeping hydrogen cars from hitting the market has been the cost. That problem hasn't been erased, but Toyota is willing to sell the FC Car at a loss to begin with. The company did the same thing with the Prius, and now the hybrid is one of it's best selling cars. 

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[via Reuters