The FT-1 concept serves as a design paradigm for what Toyota vehicles of the future could resemble, making it a pretty tough customer to get a hold of. That is, unless you're Jay Leno. Leno showcased the opportunity to take a firsthand look at the potential Supra-successor in his own garage.

Toyota designers Alex Shen and William Chergosky stopped by to talk Leno through the car and explain the nuances of the development process. Although it might have lines evocative of Ferrari penmanship and styling reminiscent of kabuki theater, Shen emphasized its American roots at the company’s CALTY Design Research Center, based in Newport Beach, Calif.

It’s safe to say Leno is a fan of the car. He likens the concept to the Lexus LFA, but suggests it goes much further as a design model than the LFA did. The FT-1 isn’t officially slated for production and might never be. Still, enjoy an inside look at what many hope is Toyota's next big thing.

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