Victim: Tyronn Lue
Date: 6/6/2001

Picture this: You're well on your way to an outstanding 48-point barrage in the first game of the NBA Finals, but you're not completely happy. With the way your teammates are playing this game, you still may not win. Hell, you probably won't even win the series. You're frustrated and someone needs to get got in order for you to vent.

But you're in luck. You're at the corner when a light-skinned, braided brother decides to guard you. So you hit him with the fake, the step back, and then the fadeaway jumper as the said person tumbles to the ground. The jumper is good, and while he's on the ground, he looks up at you with the newfound knowledge that he's not about that life. You then step over him to make sure he doesn't forget that he isn't.