If you fell asleep before the end of the Clippers/Warriors playoff game last night, you missed a hell of a fourth quarter. Golden State trailed Los Angeles by 11 heading into the final frame. But they staged a furious comeback and ended up cutting the Clippers' lead to just two points with 7.8 seconds left. And on the final play of the game, they got the ball into the hands of their superstar Stephen Curry and let him decide their fate. Er, at least, that was the plan.

On the play, Curry took an inbounds pass from Andre Iguodala and, with Chris Paul draped all over him, he worked the ball to the left side of the court, hit CP3 with a few hesitation moves, and then managed to get off a difficult shot that looked like a three but was actually a two (his foot was on the three-point line). But he came up way short, as the ball didn't even hit the rim. DeAndre Jordan rebounded it, kicked it out to Paul, and the final seconds of the game ticked off the clock, giving the Clippers a tough road win.

Did they deserve the win, though? Upon further review, it looked like Paul fouled Curry. And after the game, Curry told reporters that he definitely got fouled.

"Hundred percent," he said. "I feel like that…I thought if a guy is going up to shoot the ball and you have a forearm body contact on the jump, that's usually a foul."

He wasn't the only one that thought that, either. TNT's Inside the NBA crew ran the last play back multiple times and kept coming to the same conclusion:

Lots of fans chimed in on Twitter, too:

So we have to ask: What do you think? Was Curry fouled? We're all for referees swallowing their whistles at the end of games and letting the players dictate who wins. But in this case, it looks like the refs may have blown the game for the Warriors and altered the course of the Clippers/Warriors series.

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[via Eye on Basketball]