Everyone knows that Skip Bayless loves to troll. But for whatever reason, the First Take commentator seems to enjoy trolling extra hard when it comes to Chris Paul. Last year, Bayless revealed that he doesn't think Chris Paul is a superstar during a debate about the Clippers and Lakers:

And earlier today, he reiterated that belief by once again stating that he does not think CP3 is an elite NBA point guard. It got quite the reaction from Stephen A. Smith:

And it also got quite the reaction from social media. Since First Take aired for the first time this morning and Bayless made his admission about CP3, he has been getting killed on Twitter. At one point, "Skip Bayless" was trending and it all happened so fast that First Take host Cari Champion posted this to Instagram:

If Bayless was looking for a reaction when he said that CP3 isn't a superstar, he definitely got one. Here are some of the best reactions we've seen to his very, very, very unpopular opinion on CP3:

Bayless' reaction to all of this? More trolling of course:

Damn. He got us again.

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