Before a big playoff game or a big playoff series, it's become customary for the mayors of two cities to make a wager. And typically, this wager involves the mayor associated with the losing team sending the mayor associated with the winning team of a game or series some type of local food or something else of value in order to pay off the bet. So we weren't surprised to hear that Toronto mayor Rob Ford and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams made a bet recently with regards to who will win the Toronto Raptors/Brooklyn Nets playoff series. But we were a little surprised to hear how lame that bet is.

Considering Ford's reputation, we fully expected the bet between him and Adams to include things like, well, just use your imagination. But instead, Ford and Adams have agreed to wager—drumroll, please—a CD. Yes, a CD. And while Adams didn't specify which CD he'll send to Ford if the Raptors win the series (Jay Z? Biggie? Fabolous?), Ford has already revealed that, if the Nets win, he'll likely be sending Adams a Drake CD.

No word on if he'll send this:


Or this:

But regardless, this is laaaaaaame. A compact disc is the best you guys can do? Who the hell wants one of those in 2014?!

Check out the thumbs gallery above to read the letters that Adams and Ford wrote to one another earlier this week.

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[via Toronto Sun]