The Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals don't like each other very much. They have routinely jockeyed for position in the NL Central over the course of the last few years, which has led to their mutual dislike. And apparently, that hatred has spread to their fans as well.

During yesterday's Cardinals/Reds game in Cincy, St. Louis first baseman Matt Adams attempted to catch a foul ball near the stands and record an out. But before he could make a play, a Reds fan swooped in and caught the ball, negating Adams' effort. And even though the fan was well within his rights to catch the ball, Adams didn't like it and pushed the fan. The fan smiled at him and then, as Adams made his way back out onto the field, the guy slapped hands with another fan sitting nearby and flipped Adams the middle finger.

Watch the entire incident take place in the clip above. Or watch it below in Vine form:

We'd be surprised if Adams didn't receive a letter from the Commissioner's office within the next day or two for putting his hands on the fan.

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