On April 1, German tuner Prior Design released this render of what a BMW M6 Ute would look like – as a joke. The sketch made its way around the Internet and garnered so much positive feedback that the company is considering putting the kit into production.

The M6 would have to compete against some rowdy Aussie performance utes, but nothing it couldn’t handle. Ford’s FPV GS ute boasts a 422hp 5.0L supercharged Boss V8, while Holden’s HSV Maloo R8 puts down 456hp from its 6.2L Chevy LS3.  If Prior Design follows through with the project, the M6 ute could utilize BMW’s 552hp 4.4L twin-turbo V8. Quite a bit more power, wouldn’t you say?

BMW built an M3 ute back in 2011 as an April Fools joke, which ironically was also well received. It seems the moral of the story is that people don’t find BMW utes funny – they find them extremely desirable. Build it!

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[via Motoring.com.au]