Here's a reminder of what it used to be like to play high school sports. Today in an Oregon courtroom, Circuit Judge Rick Barron acquitted 17-year-old Jordan Akins of sexual assault that stemmed from his fingers going up the buttholes of two players on the junior varsity. The "incident" occurred on October 16th of last year.

The dozen counts that Akins faced could've landed him in serious trouble with the law after already receiving prior convictions for burglary and second-degree theft. Instead of a possible 15-year sentence, he'll only face a misdemeanor charge for a probation violation that barred his fingers from penetrating unwilling anuses. The prosecutor Karen Herzog may pursue charges in juvenile court stating "those kids at North Bend High School will hopefully think twice before they engage in that type of activity in the future." Lesson learned. If you're going to put your fingers up an ass it'd damn well better be your own.

[via Sports Grid]