If we asked you what you think Nick Young did last night, you would probably answer, "Something awesome." And you would be 100 percent correct. Because last night, Nick Young attended a Los Angeles Kings playoff game. And he didn't just show up, sit in the stands, and watch the Kings take on the San Jose Sharks. No, no. Instead, Swaggy P turned it into an event.

First, he got his hands on a customized "Swaggy P" Kings jersey and threw it on:

Then, he took a picture on a Zamboni:

Next, he took a picture with a few of his boys:

And finally, he finished off the night by actually driving on a Zamboni during one of the game's intermissions:

Basically, he did everything except check himself into the game and take the ice. Not that he didn't try.

"Feel honor (sic) they gave me my own jersey," he wrote on one of his Instagram photo's captions. "Now put me out there coach. #SwaggyKnows"

The Kings lost in overtime and are now down 3-0 to the Sharks in their best-of-7 playoff series. So at this point, maybe Kings coach Darryl Sutter should seriously consider putting Swaggy into the lineup next game. It couldn't hurt, right?

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[via @swaggyp1]