The new movie, Draft Day, which stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, and Dennis Leary, is supposed to give football fans a realistic look into what the NFL Draft is like for everyone involved. The producers and director of the film worked closely with the NFL to make sure that everything that's represented in the movie is accurate. But there is one thing that the league did not want to see in the movie, even if it is the way that things actually are. They didn't want to see a scene that featured angry Cleveland Browns fans "hanging" Costner's character.

"I thought it was a real funny moment," Costner said during a conference call for the movie earlier this week. "But I think the NFL's really cracking down on fan behavior both inside the stadium and outside. The idea of hanging somebody, for as funny as I thought it was, and as realistic as I thought it was, it was just an image that I didn't want in the movie. That was a small price for us to pay, but it showed that they were watching very closely."

Draft Day hits theaters on April 11. Who's excited despite the fact that no one will be subjected to a public hanging in the film?

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[via Fox Sports]