Seeing an accident happen in front of you is almost as scary as being in an accident. Not really, but kinda. It's a different type of scary. You're so helpless, and your body tenses up, and it almost happens in slow motion. Then you're instantly in terror about hoping that everybody involved is okay. Maybe mix a slight moment of "dammit, I'm already late!" in there, and there you go. But what if you knew the accident were coming, like this motorcyclist did? 

Moments before a Coke truck barreled through an intersection, running another truck off and smashing a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, you hear the motorcyclist who has the helmet cam say, "and you wonder why there are so many fuckin' truck accidents here ... watch this, watch this, watch this, watch this ... " And them, boom, the accident happens. Almost even more shocking is that the motorcyle driver is the first person to stop to help the people involved in the accident, while other cars just scoot along, looking at what happened. 

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[via Car Throttle