There’s something to be said about an athlete training day in and day out, dreaming of hoisting that championship trophy, only for it all to end with a shower of the opponent’s confetti, and a slow saunter back to the locker room. No one ever talks about the losses. Pieces aren’t written in lieu of the defeated. History favors the victorious. The 2014 NBA Playoffs are already underway. Every year, we grab our beer and eat our hot wings in hungry anticipation of seeing our team on the championship podium.

Yet, as that Coors Light you’re drinking goes flat in the fourth quarter, and that pile of buffalo wings turns into a mound of bones, you’re going to see 15 teams go home. Some of these losses are going to be colossal blow outs. Others, convincing defeats. But a select few are going to be heartbreaking barn burners. You’re going to feel it in that moment, and forget about it this time next year.

Here we remember Craig Ehlo, who fell prey to “The Shot”. We recall Larry Bird frozen still, wondering how that last second shot didn't go in during the '87 Finals. We look back on Derek Fisher silencing San Antonio, and several more devastating postseason losses. Check out 10 of the Most Heartbreaking Losses in NBA Playoff History.

Written by Chrstian Banda (@ThatBoyBanda)