If you bet on Oklahoma City going into overtime, we wouldn't have argued with you. After all the Thunder ran off a 17-0 run in the 4th quarter to give the Memphis fans some free basketball. Momentum appeared to be entirely on their side.

But the reset ultimately didn't harm the Grizzlies who prevailed and will now take a 2-1 lead into Saturday's Game Four. This despite Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant both pouring in 30 pts. Mike Conley led Memphis in the winning effort with 20. He had five other teammates in double digits.

The game ended with a 98-95 score, and even though Tony Allen did his best to give OKC a shot with a pointless foul of Westbrook unbecoming of a 10-year vet (with 0.9 seconds left in OT), the Grizz took the game, in part due to Westbrook clanking his second free-throw, and now really put the pressure on the Western Conference's 2-seed heading into late April.